Monday, 22 October 2007

УПА - 65 років

The Ukrains'ka Povstans'ka Armiia (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) has been found on October 14, 1942 by the decision of political leaders of OUN to protect the civil population of Ukraine, prosecuted by the German occupational authorities. Roman Shuhevych (pseudonym Taras Chuprynka) was the Commander-in-Chief of the UPA from 1943 to 1950. Roman Shuhevych, who was a very gifted person, created an efficient and numerous military force that powerfully resisted the German and Soviet punitive forces.

The terrible consequences of the Soviet rule in Ukraine, starvations, repressions, terror in 1920 - 1941 in the Eastern Ukraine and the mass murders, tortures and quartering of people in the NKVD prisons in the Western Ukraine in 1939 - 1941 as well as a "peaceful" Hitler's policy, have finally embittered people against Germany and Moscow bolshevism.

About UPA

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